Your Wimberley Neighbor


A used working car


We have a Wimberley neighbor who needs help finding a working car. If you have a used automobile that you’re planning to give away, please donate it to Wimberley Good Neighbor for our neighbor in need. You will be able to deduct your vehicle’s fair market value from your taxes. 

Your Wimberley Neighbor moved to Wimberley in 2010 and bought a small place in Woodcreek that is now completely paid off. They are a member of the Wimberley Valley Art League, showing their work at Bent Tree Gallery when they first moved here. They helped and donated art for the Scudder PTO Fall Festival to support the school’s biggest fundraiser of the year. Your Wimberley Neighbor comes from an artistic family, and their artwork is in many therapists’ offices and women’s centers throughout the U.S. They were honored when they won a Congressional Show award for one of their mixed media paintings that was displayed at their state’s congressional offices in Washington, D.C. They have volunteered with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America for many years and also at nursing homes.

Your Wimberley Neighbor has been using their father’s boat of a car that they inherited when their father passed away in Wimberley in 2015. Their car is unsafe to drive, so they haven’t ventured out to most places for about a year. They asked for our help a couple of months ago but have been in pain and are now recovering from three surgeries happening over the last months because of an accident from years ago. Good friends have helped them with grocery shopping and other needs. They are eager for a safe car so they can be more independent and drive to see their doctor in Kyle and attend art shows and events in Wimberley. One of their friends in Wimberley told us, “They are so deserving of the community’s help. They have such a generous and kind spirit.” Their dream and goal once they have a working car is to teach art therapy for senior citizens. They feel you can teach people to let go by getting lost in creating. All you do is throw down some art supplies on a table and forget your troubles.

In Your Wimberley Neighbor’s own words: I’m an introvert now. I get really lonesome because I don’t have a way to get out of the house. When someone comes to get me, I’m very extroverted and have fun.

Let’s help our neighbor find a car! Please text or call us at 512-648-4400 or let us know on social media!