There was some recent confusion about our fundraisers, and we wanted to clear up for the community that our program is not a GoFundMe. We’re grateful to be a part of such a caring community of people who create fundraisers to benefit those in need, but our fundraisers can’t be found on GoFundMe. We have policies in place so that your donations address the requested needs of each client we serve.

How WGN Unite works: 

  • WGN donations are tax-deductible. The servicer charges us 2.2% credit card processing fee instead of 3% because we’re a nonprofit. There is no charge for a check donation.
  • WGN does background checks so that the client requesting financial help doesn’t have felony convictions for child/elder abuse, theft or fraud.
  • We protect the donor and the client. Your donations go toward the donation request. The client is protected because donations are delivered to the intended source not to an associate organizer. All the money raised is used on behalf of the client.
  • We review the request for validity and assess the client’s needs. Sometimes after the review it turns out that the client has another need that is greater than the one they’ve asked for.
  • We raise funds for the request only. Donations are restricted to be distributed for the requested needs. If the request is for a mortgage payment, medical bill, and two months of electric bills, that’s all the donations can be used for, so that checks are written to service providers. Your donation won’t be used for a celebratory dinner or a spa treatment (unless that was part of the donation request). Yes, we’ve been asked if donations could be used for this before.
  • If we’re raising money for a large item such as a vehicle, and the goal isn’t reached for the item, donors get refunds. The money isn’t distributed to the client for them to use for other items.