How WGN Unite works: 

  • WGN donations are tax-deductible and there is no processing fee.
  • WGN does background checks so that the client requesting financial help doesn’t have felony convictions for drug trafficking, child/elder abuse, theft or fraud.  When convictions are older than 10 years, the request will go under review, and if the client is approved, they must have an authorized community sponsor.  Other local helping organizations don’t have a policy against donating to convicted felons and are able to help everyone.
  • We protect the donor and the client. Your donations go toward the donation request. The client is protected because donations are delivered to the intended source not to an associate organizer. All the money raised is used on behalf of the client.
  • Clients can be anonymous, public, or partially public and sign a release to share information.
  • We raise funds for the request only. Donations are restricted for the requested needs. If the request is for a mortgage payment, medical bill, and two months of electric bills, that’s all the donations can be used for, so that checks are written to service providers. Your donation won’t be used for a celebratory dinner or a spa treatment (unless that was part of the donation request). Yes, we’ve been asked if donations could be used for this before.
  • Community members can nominate or initiate a fundraiser on behalf of a person or family in need.

Wimberley Couple Needs Help — Donations Closed!

This married couple are hard workers at a local hardware store and Wimberley bank and are going through a financial crisis. They have a difficult time asking for support and would rather be helping people out, instead. The wife is 9-months pregnant and about to give birth any day. They were already struggling with finances…

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Let’s help this family with their March rent!

Wimberley Couple Needs Help

Thank you for helping this Wimberley couple with their rent!

$1,213 of $1,070 raised

Niki E.— Donations Closed!


$565 car payment for 2 months, and $230 car insurance payment for 2 months


Niki left Wimberley in May, and her job at Leinneweber Services, to be a caregiver for her ailing father.  Before she left, Niki sold some things for extra money, and then her family came to Wimberley to help her move and travel across the country.  After a couple of months of being her father’s care giver, things weren’t working out, as sometimes happens with even the best-laid plans.  Her stepmother had been counting on receiving benefits to pay for the caretaking job and that fell through…

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Let's help Niki with her car payments and car insurance

Niki E.

Thank you for helping Niki!

$1,265 of $1,250 raised

A Neighbor Needs Help

A long-time local Wimberley man is ill and disabled and is using one hot plate to heat meals. He has a caretaker who asked us if we could find him a working 30” electric oven/stove. If you have a used oven that you’d like to sell or donate, please call or text Wimberley Good Neighbor @ 512-648-4400. You can also help him by donating towards the purchase of a working electric oven.

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A Neighbor Needs Help – 5

Thank you for your generosity! This local disabled man has enough for an electric stove/oven.

$577 of $400 raised

Stephanie Miller Moore on Behalf of Her Best Friend — Donations Closed!

If you’ve been to the Wimberley Square over the last 15 years, you know Stephanie Miller Moore. “I’ve been through this whole journey with my best friend…

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Thank you for helping Stephanie’s friend with 3 1/2 months of rent and more!

$6,103 of $4,500 raised

Stephen R.— Donations Closed

On Jan 31st, Stephen R. was walking out of the Wimberley H-E-B with groceries when he noticed a young woman in the parking area, her face distraught. Stephen is a naturally considerate man…

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Thank you! The community helped Stephen raise the money for a dependable used car and replacement tools.

Stephen R.– Thank You

Stephen R.’s new car

$7,570 of $5,000 raised

Michaella Bettes for her mother, Martha Bettes — Donations Closed

Martha Bettes passed away last week at 61 years of age.  To say it was an unexpected death is an understatement. She was a dynamo in a small package with a forceful and loving presence…

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Thank you! The community and friends helped Michaella with $881 for her mother's wish

$2,678 of $881 raised

Dan and Randy L. — Donations Closed

When Randy L. received the email that she was approved to have her 2016 Hyundai Santa Fe wrapped for advertising and would get $300 a week…

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$4,966 of $2,826 raised

Bru M. — Donations Closed

You probably know Bru M. from her job as the service lead at the H-E-B Wimberley checkout…

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Thank you! The community and friends helped Bru pay her rent while she was in recovery.

$5,029 of $3,100 raised

Rhonda B. — Donations Closed

In 1998, when Rhonda B. was 33 years old, she moved to Woodcreek North and built a 2-bedroom, 2-bath house with her now ex-husband…

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Thank you! The community and area nonprofits helped Rhonda with a new roof for her house!

$6,750 of $6,745 raised

Rhonda B.'s breezeway and garage roof — $2,640 Goal Not Reached

Dan Malin of  Capital City Roofing, LLC has been working with us, keeping margins low and submitting tax credits to help Rhonda. He recommended that she roof the main structure of her house first, so that she is in a dry, safe home. Thank you, Dan! We will keep raising money for her breezeway and garage until the July 5th deadline.

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Maggie D., her husband and 3 children — Donations Closed

Maggie D. was born with a birth defect that, by the way, she’s not ashamed of or self conscious about.  She told us to write about it…

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Thank you! The community, family and friends helped Maggie with her medical expenses

$3,257 of $3,000 raised

Joanna C. and 2 children — Donations Closed

Joanna lives in central Wimberley with her 10-year-old daughter and 16-year-old son. They all live in one room without a kitchen for $800 a month. She called us asking for rent help, but we think it makes more sense to help her move out of the situation she’s living in…

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Joanna C. and 2 children

The Wimberley community helped Joanna C. reach her goal!

$2,300 of $2,200 raised