Tina L. and one child


Mechanic for Ford Expedition, vehicle parts, job


Tina lives in Wimberley with her young teen son. She recently had years of health problems that resulted in a surgery, and she’s finally made a full recovery.  Before she became very ill, she worked in the oil services industry down on the coast as a quality assurance engineer and could go back to that line of work now, but wants to stay in Wimberley. Tina and her son are established here with friends starting from elementary school. Her good friend, Trina Tew, told us that through the struggles with her health, Tina’s been doing everything she can for her son and has stayed a generous and loyal friend. While Tina recovered, she and her son started a lawn care business that paid for a majority of her bills. Now, during the drought, they’ve struggled to make ends meet. She’s applied for multiple jobs all over Wimberley, but is looking for $28/hour to cover her bills. She’s an expert at computer drafting software from her time as an assurance engineer and would consider moving back into that line of work, too, but hasn’t been able to find a local job to pay a livable wage.  And so she is doing what she has to do, from cleaning vacation rentals, to the lawn work, to refurbishing old furniture for resale. Sarah D’Angelo is a lawn care client who told us that Tina’s son started doing her yard over a year and a half ago. She became friends with  Tina because of her honesty, work ethic and the wonderful job she and her son have been doing on her large landscaped yard. Sarah said, “Tina doesn’t just come in and mow; she’s proactive with ideas for the yard and very thorough. It looks better than it ever has.”

The 2004 Ford Expedition with 140,000 miles that Tina and her son depend on for work is breaking down and barely makes it up a hill with their trailer. Hill Country Automotive told her she needs a catalytic converter, coils and spark plugs. She is overwhelmed with trying to hold their life together and can’t afford the repairs.


Please help Tina with her SUV and parts. If there is a community member who is a mechanic and can help her with the repair work or knows how to save money on parts, please let us know. She already has the spark plugs and is open to all ideas for help. If you have more questions, or would like to help this family in other ways, please call or text us: 512-648-4400.

In Tina's own words:

This old truck is a workhorse we depend on. It has a hard time going in and out of the valley, choking and coughing uphill.