Raul and 2 sons — Goal Reached!


To purchase 2 used full-size mattresses, kitchen cabinets, and working washer and dryer


Raul came to Wimberley from Kerrville to help his elementary school friend build a secure chicken coop to keep the chickens safe from raccoons. An area builder saw his detailed, high-quality work and hired him on the spot. Now for the last two months, he’s working by the hour to save money and fix up a place he rented in Wimberley. He said the 4-bedroom fell into his lap and seemed meant to be right at the time he started talking to his 18-year-old and 21-year-old sons, who have been living in Oregon. The house was vacant for almost 10 years and needs extensive repairs. He’s spending his weekends doing major renovations on the living room, kitchen, and bedrooms. He’s looked everywhere for two affordable full-size mattresses for his sons and needs help. Right now he can’t afford the cost of new ones since all his dollars are going into the remodel to get ready for his sons’ arrival in 3 weeks. He’s just finished hooking up the water heater and doing plumbing repairs. There aren’t any cabinets in the kitchen, and he found out his older son loves to cook. He’s looking for cabinets for his kitchen and will look for them at Builder’s Barn as well. He’s also hoping to find an affordable used washer and dryer in working order, and he can pick up the items. He plans to pay it forward to the Wimberley community soon. He’d like to train his younger son to work with him doing high-quality remodeling renovations, and his older son has been working for a national clothing store for a long time and will stay with that business in his transfer to the area.

If you have 2 full-size mattresses for sale that are in good condition, please call or text 512-648-4400. Raul is also looking for kitchen cabinets and a washer and dryer.

Mattresses: purchased

Cabinets: donated 

Washer and dryer: he will purchase a new washer and dryer in several months.

WGN confirmed one reference but did not perform a background check