Nancy Henson on behalf of Antonio S., his wife and 2 children — Goal Reached!

It took months, but wonderful things come to those who wait— actually it’s those who work really hard at it! Antonio S. and his family found a home in the area! Their son can stay in school in Wimberley and keep up with his piano lessons. They purchased a 3-bedroom house with a garage, porch and yard. They are so grateful to Nancy Henson for reaching out to WGN, and especially for the realtor, Sylvia Rosales, who helped them through many obstacles, including working with Ozona Bank and other facilities. We found Sylvia through this process of helping Antonio. She is a generous person, and if you need real estate help, WGN can recommend her. Her number is 830-515-9452


Small amount of land for Antonio S. to purchase in Wimberley or nearby, or place to live and work or temporary rental


Nancy Henson started off her phone call to Wimberley Good Neighbor with, “We just have to help this young man! He’s the kind of man we want living in Wimberley, and we can’t let him leave.” Nancy went on to explain that Antonio S. was recommended by a friend from church to help her with house repairs. She’s been hiring him ever since that day three years ago. Now, as is happening all over Wimberley, Antonio S. will have to move with his wife and two children, who attend Blue Hole and Jacobs Well. The vineyard where he lives and works is changing their operation and asked him to find another place to live. Antonio has enough money saved for a large deposit on a small amount of land to place a mobile home. He’s a remarkable man, and his family is remarkable, too. His 11-year-old son is exceptionally bright, taking piano weekly and now learning guitar. Nancy was very impressed with the boy when he put together a complicated light fixture that she’d bought in Argentina that no one could figure out how to assemble. 

Antonio S. was born in Guanajuato, Mexico and found his way to Wimberley with his family after his brother lived here working in construction. Nancy detailed the work that Antonio has helped her with over the years. He fixed her irrigation system, trimmed trees, repaired a fountain and pump, painted with all the necessary painting tools, repaired cars, repaired the house air conditioner, and more. If it’s something he’s never tackled before, then he’ll look up the information on his phone and it turns out perfectly every time. He’s so dependable that another one of his clients, Charlene Johnston, asked him to go with her to look at new cars last week. Charlene says this about him: “He fixes everything, and he’s a modest man for how good he is.” 

If Antonio can’t find a place to live, he will have to leave Wimberley. They have their friends here now and regular clients. His wife is also a full-time house cleaner. His gifted boys cried when they heard about the possibility of moving away.

Please help Antonio S. find a piece of property for a mobile home or other small home, or a place for him to live and work so that he and his family can stay in Wimberley. Call or text 512-648-4400. We’re also helping him connect with real estate brokers in the area. 

In Maren Hofstad’s own words (liturgical musician and piano teacher):

I’ll die if the boy has to move. He’s unbelievable, playing music six levels above the standard for his age. Quite an accomplishment for an 11-year-old who’s been taking classes for only a year