Michaella B. and 1 child + mellow dog, Sadie, a Heeler/Border Collie rescue — Goal Reached!


A 2-bedroom house for $1200-$1300 a month


Michaella B. and her 14-year old son need a new place to live in Wimberley. She has a history of working in fine-dining establishments in Florida, where she was raised. When she moved here in 2017, she worked at Linda Allen’s Fine Foods for a year then moved on with great reviews. She now works at the Wimberley Cafe. Before moving to Wimberley, she had been homeschooling her son, and taking care of her mother-in-law who passed away from Alzheimer’s disease. Now divorced, she has lived with her mother here in Wimberley, who will be moving, forcing Michaella out of her home by June 15th.

Her son is thriving in school, playing a wide variety of sports. They have a mellow rescue dog, Sadie, that is so mellow she doesn’t even have energy for chew toys! Michaella loves to cook and one very special benefit of having her as a tenant is she would help with dinner preparation for her landlord! Please help her find a place for $1200 – $1300 a month.

Let’s help this family find a home in the WISD! Please call us at 512-648-4400 or let us know on social media!