Lee Ann Linam on behalf of a mother and her 3 children




When Lee Ann Linam answered a call for help — when she and her husband took in a young mother with her three children — she didn’t know how much the family would come to mean to them or how their hearts would be moved to help.  The Linams rescued Grace (her name has been changed for safety purposes) and her preschool children from an abusive and controlling father who had sabotaged Grace’s recent jobs.  The young mother had been trying to keep a relationship with him because she felt it was important for her children to have a father.  Then her estranged husband damaged their vehicle and took it away from her by force, scaring their children, who were inside the car. Grace knew there was no going back then.  Lee Ann issued a criminal trespass warrant against the father, too.  But after he discovered Grace’s location, the Linams thought it was safer for her to relocate to another home. 

Grace is getting the tools she needs to get back on her feet, but without a car, she can’t continue her meal preparation business or even go to the grocery store, doctor’s appointments, or attend church with the Linams, who don’t have the right car to transport children.  Her estranged husband (who is out on bail while facing felony charges for his attacks) is not paying child support.  Grace doesn’t have family who can financially support her, and she wants to stay in the Texas Hill Country, where she is settled and where her children were born.  Lee Ann told us, “We saw that Grace is a special person; she is kind and patient with her kids.  We miss the smells of the food she prepared that filled our house while she was here.” Grace specializes in organic flavorful food.  Some of the meals that especially came to Lee Ann’s mind were mushroom bone broth soup, lemon asparagus soup, pork belly with beet-pear barbecue sauce, and chicken with coconut rice wrapped in collard leaves. 

The funds raised are for a vehicle only. In the event a suitable vehicle is located for less money, donations will close. Donors will get a refund if adequate funds aren’t raised to purchase a car. WGN interviewed Grace and Lee Ann and performed a light background check.




In Lee Ann's own words:

The safest option for Grace is to locate a dependable used car that the accused abuser cannot recognize.