Joanna C. and 2 children—Goal Reached!

$2,300 of $2,200 raised


Deposit and first month rent $2200


Joanna lives in central Wimberley with her 10-year-old daughter and 16-year-old son. They all live in one room without a kitchen for $800 a month. She called us asking for rent help, but we think it makes more sense to help her move out of the situation she’s living in. Joanna lived here for 15 years with her husband. Her 2 children were born here (CTMC), then five years ago they returned to Guanajuato, Mexico. She tried to make it work with her husband, but her daughter became very sick without running water and developed kidney problems that she still suffers from.

Joanna came back to Wimberley in December; she is a U.S. citizen and so are her children. She had a cleaning job at Camp Lucy for several months until she switched to the kitchen at Deer Creek of Wimberley. Her manager at Camp Lucy extolled her as a worker: “She always showed up on time, filled in for other employees and was a very hard worker. I wish she had stayed and there were more like her.” Her son seems to bear the same hard-working spirit and at 16 does odd jobs around town to help his family. Deer Creek ran a full background check on Joanna and started her with part-time work. With this, it was difficult to make her rent payments. Now they are increasing her hours to full-time work, and she can afford to rent a larger place for $1,000 a month. Because she used her savings for travel here and to buy a used car, she doesn’t have money for the deposit.


Please help Joanna find a larger place for a $1,200 deposit and $1,000 first-month rent. She is willing to help with cleaning, shopping or caregiving for a discount on rent. If you have more questions, or would like to help this family in other ways, please call us: 512-648-4400.

Joanna C. and 2 children

The Wimberley community helped Joanna C. reach her goal!

In Joanna's own words:

I returned to Wimberley because I need to give my children a better life.
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