The Wimberley Good Neighbor Heroes are a group of like-minded community members who understand what it feels like to be in a crisis and need help.

Join the Heroes to help your neighbors.

Heroes Membership Levels:

Water Wheel

$10/MO ($120/YR)
  • Help your neighbors with gas for their car to get to work, to medical appointments, or to pick up groceries.


$25/MO ($300/YR)
  • Help a struggling family send their child to camp, or pay for important school tutoring or sports fees.

Wheel Barrow

$50/MO ($600/YR)
  • Help a neighbor with car repairs so they don’t lose their job, which could cascade to larger problems for the family.

Home Sweet Home

$100/MO ($1200/YR)
  • Help a family cover their rent or mortgage so they don’t lose their home, or pay for unexpected medical expenses.

WGN Giving Circle

$2500+ per year
  • Hero level for a neighbor that helps cover rent, car payments, and utilities after an unexpected crisis.