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$2,826 for rent to stay in their home, unexpected bills, overdraft fees.


When Randy L. received the email that she was approved to have her 2016 Hyundai Santa Fe wrapped for advertising and would get $300 a week, she thought her prayers had been answered. She’d almost forgotten about the online application to work from home she’d filled out. The email she got from Davis Miller from miller.wraps@outlook.com, said simply, “CYTRYNY SODA DRINK would like to paste our advert on your vehicle while you make $300 every week for doing that. Let us know if you are interested.”

Randy thought about all the hardships she’d been having that $300 a week would fix. When she and Dan moved into their rental house, they could afford the $1,500 rent and other expenses from their monthly Social Security checks. But they had to replace a broken washer and dryer, then there was a terrible leak in the bathroom that created a huge water bill and payment to a plumber. Randy L. is Dan’s caretaker. He suffers from terminal cancer and heart failure; they’d had medical expenses that were out of network. Randy has her own health issues, too. She’d had an epidural injection to see if she could keep from having surgery, but she wasn’t told she would need to pay the surgery center fees after the procedure.

So Randy was thankful for this car advertising opportunity. The company followed through, and in July she got a check by express mail for $2,300. Three hundred was for her first week’s payment and $2,000 was for her to cash and give to the representative who would wrap her car. The next day the company called and told her someone would meet her at a Wimberley grocery store to take the cash. She told us when she got that call, asking her to meet them and bring the cash, something clicked and her heart sank. She called Ozona Bank to let them know she suspected the check she’d deposited the day before was fraudulent. It took four days to confirm that she’d been a victim of a scam. Meanwhile, the auto-pay paid her bills, including her rent check. All the payments were returned insufficent funds, and she ended up being charged $266 in overdraft fees.

Randy and Dan have deep ties to Wimberley, and it’s why they came back here after 20 years to retire. Her mother was Naomi “Mimi” Holman who started the Alzheimer’s care group at Chapel in the Hills. She helped a lot of people who had parents suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Dan told us that he is a veteran, having served with the 82nd Airborne Division. He was a captain in the dental corps. When they lived here before, he practiced dentistry for Les Crane of Longhorn Dental (bought by Carus Dental). They moved to Kingwood for Carus Dental, and when their son, in his 40s, had a stroke, Carus Dental found a practice for him in his son’s city, so that he could be with him. Most of their savings went to taking care of their son before he passed away. Now their family helps Dan and Randy when they can. Her brother is from Wimberley and has been very generous, but he’s starting a new business in town. Their daughter lived here for six months recovering from a divorce and finally just found a job in Plano. Other family members have their own things they have to tend to and are financially overloaded.

A dear friend of theirs is Rose Tempfer, who has lived in Wimberley since 1978. She and her husband owned The Lodge at Woodcreek at one time. She’s known Dan and Randy since 1995, when she met them at Chapel in the Hills and at The Lodge. She told us, “Dan and Randy are dear friends and well deserving. If Randy’s asking for help, they desperately need help.”

And Rose is right. They’ve sold everything they can (jewelry and silver) that doesn’t have great sentimental value or that they need to live. When Dan had to sell most of his guns, it was like losing limbs for him. And Randy loves where she lives; she is close to family and doesn’t know where they would go if they lose their home.


Let’s help Dan and Randy L. with $2,826. They need help with the $266 overdraft fees for the $2300 returned check, $800 for the recent house repairs and water bill, Randy’s unexpected medical expense of $260 and to cover the $1,500 for one month of rent that was declined.

Thank you:

Dan and Randy are grateful for their friends, family and the Wimberley community! Randy told us she is now the steward of other people’s money and must be very careful with it. They are looking at ways to reduce their already low cost of living.

In Randy's own words:

I’ve never been in a hole like this before. I thought the extra $300 a week was a godsend.

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August 30, 2021

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August 29, 2021

We love you,Rufus and Kelly

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August 29, 2021

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