About Us

Wimberley Good Neighbor (WGN) is a 100% volunteer-run charity. None of your donations pay for salaries, fundraising efforts, office space or a percentage fee off the donated amount like GoFundMe. All your dollars go to helping your neighbor in a crisis. 

This charity works closely with the other Wimberley nonprofits to identify neighbors with the greatest need. Donating this way brings a joy of participation and involvement, and you also know specifically how your dollars are spent. 

We are committed to transparency and after our first year in operation, we will post our budget and the total dollars that were donated to WGN. We will be applying for grants to help us pay for the monthly phone bill, accounting and attorney fees (a lot of it is pro bono). We use the Nextiva VoIP phone system to take calls over the Internet, which includes a client management system. Donations are secure with the Stripe payment processor. WGN completes a light background check before posting a neighbor’s need. People with felony convictions for drug trafficking, violent crimes, or sex offenses are ineligible for our services.

The costs of living are going up, and more people than ever are struggling with their finances. According to a Columbia University study, 8 million Americans have joined the ranks of the poor since last summer, and we see examples right here in Wimberley. Generous members of our community have rallied together over social media to aid families in a crisis. We are blessed to be a community of kind and generous hearts and hope you find this to be a useful platform created to support the people of Wimberley. 

Pictured: Itzel White, Ava Braslau, Deena Gardow, Carroll Wilson

Board of Directors

The board of directors is a group of locals of different religions, political parties and backgrounds. Some of us have seen desperate times and felt the power of community help.

Ava Braslau grew up in south Texas and went to camp in Wimberley. Her family taught her by example about the importance of supporting community. It wasn’t until she recovered from hospice care that she answered a call to service here in Wimberley.  Ava is grateful to be alive and grateful for her community and to serve with WGN. Many generous neighbors helped during and after that time. Ava is a founding board member.

Deena Gardow moved from Houston, where she worked in the oil services business, to Wimberley with her husband and two children in 1985. She became very involved with their school – Wimberley’s first school, Bowen School. She was a room mother and worked in the teacher workroom. Deena served as coach for the Wimberley Soccer Association when it formed in Wimberley, and the WISD school administration office for five years. She and a business partner owned Mail Stop for 20 years, before they sold the business in 2021. Now, Deena works for  Wimberley Fire and Rescue as office support. Besides serving on the board of Wimberley Good Neighbor, Deena is very involved with her local chapter of Beta Sigma Phi. She is touched deeply by stories of support and healing for struggling members of our community. She is a WGN founding board member.

Sarah Kimball is originally from East Texas and after earning a landscape design degree from UT Arlington, she worked in the landscaping business in Georgia and Texas for over 15 years. Then in 2013, she and her husband moved to Wimberley to start a family, and now her eight-year-old daughter attends Blue Hole Primary. They purchased Mail Stop on November 1, 2021, glad to be instrumental in keeping a small business in Wimberley that is operated by a local family. Promoting small business in the Wimberley neighborhoods is a goal for Sarah. Both she and her husband are believers in contributing and making a difference in their community. For many years, during Christmas, her family has picked up a list from the South San Antonio school district of children in need and delivered groceries to their homes. She feels it’s important to serve on the board of WGN because she always wants to root for the underdog, wishing for them a life full of the joy and peace that she feels. Sarah joined the WGN board of directors on January 12, 2022.

Kathleen Mooney was born in Houston, Texas and graduated from UT, Austin. She did a mix of work before she became manager of Esther’s Follies in Austin then opened the Miller-Crockett House Bed & Breakfast. It was important to give her son, Max, a wholesome upbringing, and so she traded in the city life and moved to Wimberley in 2008 to start an organic farm. Two floods destroyed her farm and both times the community rallied around her, and her son, to help her rebuild what had washed away.  She has been through emotional times and through it all the community held her up in love and support. Now, Kathleen finds the time to volunteer and return the kindness the town has shown her.  Kathleen Mooney is currenty on a leave of abscence to address health problems. 

Stacey Shepard lives in Wimberley with her husband and eight-year-old son and grew up in a small town near Houston. She graduated from UTSA and then finished her master of science in oriental medicine from the Institute of Clinical Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in Hawaii. After living in Hawaii for eight years, they moved back to Texas for their son’s schooling and to be close to family who live in Wimberley. They own and operate Drippin’ Irrigation, an irrigation company that has also branched out into landscape lighting. Stacey has always had a giving heart, and one thing that made a great impact for her was her work in a small village in Africa where she provided acupuncture to villagers struggling with substance abuse problems. There she saw firsthand malnourished children who were eating only one bowl of corn a day. It made such an impact on her that she knew it was important for her to help people who grow up in poverty. Stacey is working with WGN because she appreciates that the program directly connects donors to families in need and joined the board of directors on January 12, 2022.

Itzel White grew up in Morelia, Michoacán, México.  After graduating from college as a biochemical engineer, she met her husband and fell in love with learning language and teaching her native tongue, Spanish. She moved with her husband to Wimberley in 2010, and after her second child was born, she started her endeavor, Bridge the Gap Spanish. She also teaches Spanish at Skybridge Academy in Dripping Springs. She is excited to use her 18 years of experience as a teacher and translator to work with Wimberley Good Neighbor (WGN). Itzel and her husband were overwhelmed by the kindness of friends and acquaintances when they moved to Wimberley. That’s why it’s a project close to her heart to help people who don’t speak English. Many of them work in our community as stonemasons, landscapers, cleaners, shoppers, and more. She has seen that they often have a difficult time communicating when they need help. She enjoys helping people in need and also those in the community who want to support or contribute to WGN. Itzel is a founding board member.

Carroll Wilson has been active in public service for more than 50 years. He believes that “to whom much is given, much is expected.” And he has tried to live that doctrine by serving on various boards and committees designed to help the people in the various cities in which he has lived, worked and now retired. He has earned state and national awards for his community service. Presently in Wimberley, his volunteer efforts have been extensive to the Wimberley Village Library in many capacities and, notably, to the library foundation board. He also has two radio programs on Wimberley Valley Radio. Carroll is secretary of WGN and a founding board member.

How it works: 

Neighbors in need (clients) are vetted by area case managers. Once they are approved for posting, we post the dollar amount they are requesting and exactly what it will be used for. Clients authorize us to share their personal information in the content of the posting. Dollars raised are distributed to the client’s landlord, bank, mortgage company, PEC, etc. Clients can choose to be public or anonymous with their need. Clients who post their own personal fundraisers on GoFundMe or other fundraising sites are ineligible for our services because of tax considerations. 

You have the power to choose how your tax-deductible dollars will directly help a struggling neighbor in our town.

Click here to read our bylaws.